All sorts of glass articles, including jars, candle stands, glasses, flower vases, and electric wares such as decorative lights, bulbs and every other sort of glass articles are prepared in this city. These articles are painted with vivid colours and innovative patterns. Etching is done on some products to enhance their beauty. Decoration work is also done on some products by fixing other material on them.

Firozabad glass industry broadly consists following types of products: –
[edit] Glass Artwares

Glass artware like toys, candle-stands, crosses, Christmas trees, different fruits, mini-trees, images of birds, animals, personalities, Gods and Goddesses are made here for Indian as well as foreign markets. There are several good quality glass article and crystalware exporters and manufacturers, few are Chhatari Glass Industries, Elora Glass Industries, Crown Glass, Agarwal Glass etc.
[edit] Glass domestic-wares

Firozabad glass industry for the last two centuries has been involved in manufacturing drinking glasses, beer glasses, wine glasses, dinner sets consisting of bowls, plates, lemon-sets, pudding sets, etc. in attractive cuttings, charming designs.

* Glass Chandeliers: Since the Mughal period, Firozabad has been producing different shapes and shades of magnificent hanging chandeliers. Many innovative designs have been added to suit different tastes.
* Glass Marriagewares: Bangles, Kangans and karas are made here since ancient period as traditional Indian woman wadrobe accessory. Bangles made here are distributed throughout India. Bangles don’t get that much opportunity in the international market, since it is a traditional Indian accessory. But still due to globalisation the market for bangles is expanding internationally.

[edit] Glass hardwares

All types of glass hardwares are manufactured here for house decoration and other purposes. Glass Scienctific and Lab wares. Since last 10 years beakers, flasks, test tubes, containers and other scientific wares are being manufactured here, which are needed in various laboratories.

Glass Automobile wares. The glass accessories for automobiles like light bulbs, mine battery bulbs and other light and sight equipments are produced here for two wheelers and four wheelers.

Glass Street and domestic light wares. For the lighting of urban and rural areas and other utility purposes many glass items are being produced including miniature bulbs and high power voltage bulbs. It is estimated that 6% demand of bulbs is being fulfilled from Firozabad.
[edit] Glass Beads

Firozabad is known as the world capital for beads. Glass beads produced here are exported to all over the world for use in all kinds of items including clothing, accessories, Jewellery and shoes.


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