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Glass Industry of Firozabad

Evolution of Firozabad glass industry

During ancient periods, invaders brought many glass articles to India. These glass articles when rejected were collected and melted in locally made furnace called as “Bhainsa Bhatti.” This was the start of the glass industry in Firozabad. In this furnace, wood was used as a fuel. These old traditional furnaces are still in use in Sasani near Aligarh and at Purdal Nagar. During that time only small bottles and bangles were made. At this time only one bangle at a time can be made. In this bangle there was no joint. These bangles were called “Kadechhal Ki Chudi”. Since then Firozabad is the home of the glass industry, white and coloured glass pieces being manufactured for the purpose of assembling jhad and fanus (chandeliers) which were in demand by royal courts and nobles for decorating their assembling and drawing rooms. Later on phials for Itra, scents, and other cosmetic products were made. Slowly and steadily Indian marriage items like bangles, kangans, kada, etc. were produced in bulk for the general public. Today it is having famous area as suhag nagar because it fulfills almost all the demand of bangles, kadas, kangans and other items of suhagins (married women).

Since 1989, Firozabad has produced artistic glassware in different colours and shades used in chandeliers and other items. About four hundred glass industries are registered in Firozabad, making different types of glass products. They use natural gas instead of coal. Half of the production of these units is exported. Now-a-days, blowing/modeling is done by the Pot Furnace & Regenerative tank furnace in the factories.

Firozabad with the changing time has entered in to new era of Glass Manufacturing, it has become a major hub of manufacturing different Glass based items and has registered its global presence, diversifying its industrial base and encouraging ancillary industries including Chemicals, Packaging and more of service sector based industries have flourished in a short span of time.


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