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Hello friends.

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It gives us immense pleasure to tell you that this site is not private, it’s completely PUBLIC.YES, anyone can JOIN US.

If you are a School, College, Institution, Club, Organization, Non-Profit, Trust etc.based in Firozabad and you want to showcase and immortalize your events and cause, you are at the right place.Contact us for the further details.

Or if you are a student, resident, professional of Firozabad and have an Article complete with photos & videos that you think City needs to know, You can also Contact Us.Suitable Articles that get published will be done with your name on them.

So friends hop on to the online bandwagon of your city, FIROZABAD.




12 Comments for “Join Us”


    That’s a good start

  2. Tanuja Jain

    Really appreciate to owner…very good start…

  3. nikita

    thanks 4 startin it

  4. Ajay Bhalla

    Very good starting it will help to interact with old friends and to refresh old sweet memories

  5. Hi,
    There is any student of mg girls inter college

  6. It’s not ur achievement, coz It ‘s just a begining of Firozabad, & I could say hopefully they will b do something for US those r our MP & MLA.


    nice start !!
    feels great that someone is thinking for development of this place.
    people must realise our service and recognise us as the leading producers of bangles and other glasswares !!

  8. RNLAL

    i appretiate d web site of firozabad keep it update regularly so that people may get in touch regularly.good luk ahead

  9. syed javed hamid ali warsi

    post ali shahbaz poetry

  10. syed javed hamid ali warsi

    if you have any video of shahi imam bara firozabad so post here ………

  11. syed javed hamid ali warsi

    im from firozabad shahi imam bara but not now in firozabad i migrated from there

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